Sometimes a movie has a line that once you hear it you cannot forget it. To me one of these lines is from Centurion from 2010:

My name is Quintus Dias. I'm a soldier of Rome. And this is neither the beginning nor the end of my story.


And this – this is neither the beginning nor the end of my story.



A Fresh Start (2019)


Just before Christmas I returned home – if it could be called home any longer (another story). I tried to listen, listen the voices I could not hear. I watched the lights dancing on the wall. I couldn´t sleep yet fell asleep in odd hours. This wasn´t such a big deal. Only the side effects of travelling in form of a jet lag. Could have been worse.

I hadn´t travelled alone but with my spouse. This time it was good. I didn´t even get sick. So, we had chance to see several apartments before we made the decision what would be the location for home in Texas. The furnished flats were available too but a bit further in Dallas. Queuing in the traffic jam twice a day wasn´t such an appealing option.

In Irving lakes, parks and public transportation - all would be nearby. I might have to give up cycling everywhere but at least there would be new routes to be found. Furniture could be rented or bought. Simple as that.

After all, two grown-up wouldn´t need that much for a short period of time, right? A fresh start in Irving!


Study Leave… Abroad? Why not!


It was more than a year ago, last Christmas or so, when it hit (the itching had started away before). The new stage was in the head of us. The nest was getting empty.  There would be new beginnings for all in our family. My blended studies with the full-time job hadn´t been an easy combination. The study leave would make possible to concentrate on studies and do my bachelor thesis (another story). Awesome that there were benefits for adult students in Finland. I was also interested in an exchange program. Specially after I learnt that the benefit would be valid for all courses included into the degree - despite the location of student. What a wonderful opportunity it would be to spend part of the study leave overseas! Like Autumn term in Spain. I´d like that.


But my spouse had a surprise. A promising and an exciting one.  

‘Of course, you apply the job! This is your chance!’


And so, after the holiday season and after the selection process was over – instead of Spain we started looking things in the US.


What about Spanish? Well, this plan includes Spanish too. Although, the dialect would be different from Spain.


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'Great! How awesome…!' I love surprises, passion, colours, flowers and humour. The miracles of everyday life can be found in most uncommon places.

Being a mature++ student taught Tiina Joutsenvaara to see colours and new opportunities. Where does this path leads is to be seen. The bits and pieces along the way (paths and freeways) are served here, in English and in Finnish.

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